Follow this link to view the proposed updates to CGES PTO Bylaws to be voted on May 2018.

Below are the current Bylaws that govern our organization:



BY-LAWS Adopted 2005 / Revised & Approved May 2013


The name of this organization shall be Center Grove Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization; also known as the PTO or CGES PTO.



The purpose of this organization shall be to support and create a closer cooperation, understanding, and communication between the home and school.



Our mission is to support the students, families, teachers, and administrators of CGES not only financially, but to foster a positive, nurturing environment for learning and growing to promote success. It is a partnership between families and CGES to better serve our children’s education for a bright future.



The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the organization which are; The President or Co-Presidents, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cashier, Fundraising Coordinator, and Parliamentarian (who shall be a member of the faculty). The Elementary Principal or his representative may choose to exercise voting rights on any Board Decision. In these cases the Elementary Principal or his representative will have a vote equal to that of one Executive Officer.



President – The president shall exemplify the Board Responsibilities stated above. He/she is expected to preside over all Regular PTO Meetings and Executive Sessions, attend Committee Meetings, and have knowledge of all actions being taken by PTO Chairpersons and Members on behalf of the organization.  The president is ultimately responsible for the success of all fundraisers, programs and philanthropic activities sponsored by the PTO. The President should communicate directly with the Center Grove Elementary principle (regarding internal school matters) and with the Center Grove School Corporation (by attending the mandatory Presidents’ Club meetings.)

Vice President– It is the responsibility of the Vice President to support and aid the President in all tasks and obligations. He/she should also exemplify the responsibilities of a board member and take an active role in PTO meetings, executive sessions and committee meetings. The Vice president should have knowledge of all actions being taken by PTO members on behalf of the organization. He/she should have the willingness and ability to assume the office of the President if necessary.

Treasurer– The Treasurer is responsible for the recording, reconciling & reporting of all PTO funds, in keeping with the financial requirements of a 501(c)(3) organization. He/she will prepare and present a monthly report of all financial activity, reconcile the check book and write checks to fund budget line items and committee needs. Annual tasks will include: budget development and approval (year beginning,) performing an annual audit (mid-year,) and filing the appropriate IRS tax returns (year end.) It is the treasurer’s responsibility to renew the organization’s incorporation status with the state of Indiana.

Secretary– The secretary is responsible for recording and making public, the meeting minutes of this organization including but not limited to those in attendance and changes to current policies and procedures. He/she will also correspond with parents, teachers and office staff regarding upcoming meetings, activities, and fundraisers.

Cashier– The cashier is responsible for verifying, recording, and depositing income in a timely manner. He/she will attend all PTO events where money will be collected and take custody of funds received once counted by the committee chairpersons.

Fundraising Coordinator – Our fundraising coordinator will be responsible for contracting, scheduling and overseeing the committee chairs of the PTO’s two major fundraisers (to be voted upon by the board as a whole.) He/she shall also oversee the committee chairs of our secondary fundraisers such as book fair, santa shop, and dine to donate.

Parliamentarian –The Parliamentarian shall be familiar enough to advise the board on “Roberts Rules of Order Revised.” These orders shall govern the organization in all cases in which they are applicable and consistent with these by-laws. The Parliamentarian shall also be responsible for handling communication between the teachers, faculty, and the Executive Board.



Section 1 – Understand and enthusiastically support the mission and goals of the Center Grove Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. Convey a positive image of the organization to its members and help generate public awareness of its mission and goals.


Section 2 – Support the fundraisers, programs, and philanthropic activities sponsored by the organization; by actively participating at a level significant to each Board position.


Section 3 – Serve in a leadership position and undertake special assignments willingly as needed. He or she shall be a resource for committee chairs and help them in anyway required to accomplish their individual goals.


Section 4 – Attend regularly scheduled PTO meetings as well as Special PTO Executive Board Sessions. Prepare for and participate in all such meetings. Attendance at all scheduled meetings is encouraged and expected; however, with the understanding that personal priorities may sometimes take precedence. Participation in fundraising efforts shall be strongly encouraged and should be considered mandatory.


Section 5 – Manage the finances of the organization in a fiscally responsible and ethical manner, in order to remain accountable to its members and contributors, and to ensure the continuation of its 501(c)(3) status.


Section 6 – Recruit and orient new parents, teachers, and board members. Encourage the growth of the organization by extending open invitations to all members of the Center Grove Elementary Family.


Section 7 – Officers failing in any of the responsibilities listed above, or failing to attend 3 consecutive official meetings will be subject to a review and possible dismissal by their fellow Board Members. It shall take a ¾ majority of the entire Executive Board to dismiss and replace.



Section 1 – Executive officers shall be elected annually.  Officers shall serve a term of one year until their successors are elected and qualified. Treasurer and cashier are 2 year terms, being elected in alternating years.

Section 2 – Co-Presidents may be elected, and in this case it is not necessary to elect a vice-president. The office of vice-president shall have the first choice to become a candidate for the president the following year.


Section 3 – Nomination of officers shall be made by a nominating committee of five or more members appointed by the Executive Board. The nominating committee shall report a name for each office to be filled, one month prior to the election meeting (to be held during the last moth of the school year.)  The written consent of each candidate must be obtained before his/her name is submitted for nomination. Additional nominations may be made from the floor provided the consent of each candidate has been obtained before his/her name is submitted.

Section 4 – No member shall hold more than one Executive Office during one term.


Section 5 – A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled during this time by Executive Board appointment.



Section 1 – Any parent or guardian of a child enrolled in Center Grove Elementary School and willing to subscribe to these by-laws is eligible to be a voting member of the CGES PTO.


Section 2 – Any teacher or faculty member currently employed by the Center Grove School Corporation, working within the Center Grove Elementary School building, and willing to subscribe to these by-laws is eligible to be a voting member of the CGES PTO.

Section 3 – Members of this organization may be asked to pay dues in exchange for voting rights. The incoming Executive Board Officers shall decide prior to the start of each school year, to either waive or implement dues, in an amount not to exceed $10 per family.


Section 1 – PTO meetings shall be held on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the school year. The dates of these meetings will be scheduled and announced during the first month of the school year.  Meeting reminders will be made publically with a minimum of 7 days of the scheduled meeting.

Section 2 – Planned Executive Board Meetings will be held 7 days prior to a regularly scheduled PTO Meetings.


Section 3 – A Special Executive Session may be called by any Executive Officer or the Elementary School Principal. This meeting will be considered authorized as long as 5 day notice was given to the Executive Officers. Officers should make every effort to attend these meetings.


Section 4 – The Members or Officers at any Regular Meeting, Planned Executive Board Meeting, or Special Executive Session, shall constitute a quorum. A simple majority of the quorum shall decide an issue, except where otherwise noted in these by-laws.



Standing Committees shall fall into two categories, Fundraising Committees to be over seen by the Fundraising Coordinator, and Service Committees to be over seen by the President and Vice President. The PTO Executive Board has the right to suspend or eliminate any committee listed below.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEES – Shall raise money to support PTO funded activities and initiatives and outlined in the treasurers budget. The following is a list of past committees.

  • CARNIVAL – Shall organize and conduct the annual Carnival held at the school.
  • SANTA SHOP – Shall organize and conduct the annual shopping and learning experience for the children.
  • BOX TOPS – Shall organize and coordinate all aspects of the Box Tops for Education program.
  • BOOK FAIR – Shall organize and coordinate the annual book fairs.
  • MEMBERSHIP – Responsible for having a membership drive at the beginning of the school year.
  • DAD’S CLUB – Shall be open to any fathers in the Center Grove Elementary School family. Their meetings, officers, and agendas will be planned by the Dad’s Club. They will also be in charge of dispersing their own of funds that are provided for in the PTO budget as a line item.


SERVICE COMMITTEES – Shall work to provide our students & teachers with experiences that will enhance their school experience.


  • STAFF APPRECIATION – Shall organize and conduct the annual Staff appreciation week.
  • MINI-GRANT – Shall review and approve or deny teacher requests for grant money
  • FAMILY NIGHT – Shall organize and conduct the annual dinner and game night
  • ROOM COORDINATOR – Shall organize and instruct room coordinators and be a resource for information in times of need.
  • FIFTH GRADE FESTIVITIES – 5th grade parents shall organize and conduct the Annual Fifth Grade Festivities, these events may include extra recesses, special breakfast, talent show, and graduation.
  • CAREER DAY – 5th grade parents shall organize and conduct the annual career day at the school.
  • HOSPITALITY – Responsible for refreshments at school events and PTO Meetings.



Section 1 – Chairpersons should understand and enthusiastically support the mission and goals of the Center Grove Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. They should convey a positive image of the organization to its members and help generate public awareness of its mission and goals.


Section 2 – The Chair of all standing committees shall present plans of work to the Executive Board and no committee work shall be undertaken without the approval of the Executive Board.


Section 3 – Each Committee Chairperson, or an informed representative, shall be required to attend the regularly scheduled PTO meetings the months prior to, during, and following the execution of their event.


Section 4 –Vacant Committee Chairs shall be filled by the Executive Committee, except for the Dad’s Club which will vote to fill its own committee positions.


Section 5 – The Chairman of each Standing Committee shall select and recruit members of the organization to compose its committee.  Any person volunteering to be a Committee Chair or Committee Member will be acting as a representative of the PTO and will be subject to the policies, ideals, and restrictions set forth by these by-laws.


Section 6 – Committee Chairpersons or Committee Members failing in any of the responsibilities listed above will be subject to a review and possible dismissal by the Executive Board.


Section 7 – Committee Chairpersons shall consent in writing to uphold these by-laws and responsibilities listed above.



Section 1 – The PTO prefers to be paid by check or Credit Card via PayPal. Paper receipts shall be “created” for all cash transactions. The Cashier and/or another Executive Officer, must be present whenever cash is counted.


Section 2 – The Cashier shall collect money from all Committees at the conclusion of every fundraising event day. The Committee Chair will be required to count and keep record of all funds turned over to the Cashier. Committee Chairpersons should never hold or take money off school premises.


Section 3 –Any product sales, donation collections, or event ticket sales shall be completed at school. Money can only be held in the school safe, or by an Executive Officer.



These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the

organization by a two-thirds vote of the members present and

voting, provided a notice of the proposed amendments shall have

been given at the previous regular meeting and reviewed by the

Executive Committee.  A list will be kept below of all amendment dates.




  • Amended January 1976 PTO Meeting
  • Amended November 1980 PTO Meeting
  • Amended May 1983 PTO Meeting
  • Amended November 1983 PTO Meeting
  • Amended April 1995 PTO Meeting
  • Amended May 2005 PTO Meeting
  • Amended August 2009 PTO Meeting
  • Amended August/September 2010 PTO Meeting
  • Reorganized and Approved May 2013 PTO Meeting

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